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A sports utility vehicle (SUV) has a nose-type front end, a larger geometry and mass, greater front and rear bumper height, higher overall ground clearance, and a higher center of gravity than a passenger car. The category of “SUV” also includes vans, pickup trucks, and other light trucks. While the average SUV is equipped with four-wheel drive, giving it good traction in snow and ice, its high center of gravity makes it susceptible to rollovers more so than other passenger cars.

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How the design of an SUV contributes to its occupants’ injuries

Designed to transport a larger number of people or more cargo than a passenger car, SUVs tend to have certain design flaws that render them less able to protect their occupants in a crash, most significantly poor roof crush resistance. Additional roof reinforcement, which might offer greater protection to the occupants in a rollover accident, increases vehicle weight and raises its center of gravity further, making it even more susceptible to rollover. The geometry of an SUV contributes to the kinds of injuries its occupants may sustain in rollover accidents:

  • Skull and brain injury
  • Neck and spinal cord injury
  • Suffocation
  • Amputation

The latter two may occur when an SUV’s roof is driven into the passenger compartment during a rollover accident. These injuries are serious and sometimes fatal. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident, turn to our Oklahoma SUV accident lawyers today.

Other factors that contribute to injury and death in SUV accidents

The design concept of the SUV is flawed, since the ratio of its increased height to its narrower body makes it inherently unstable. Electronic stability control (ESC) is available, but not totally reliable.

Defective door latches in several of the biggest-selling SUVs have failed during rollovers, opening and allowing occupants to be ejected from the vehicle. In other accidents, the door locks have remained closed despite efforts to open them, causing occupants to be trapped in the wreckage. Fuel leakage has also occurred in rollover accidents in which occupants were trapped in the wreckage. The standard equipment tires of SUVs have also been implicated in rollovers because their mediocre quality makes them prone to blowouts that affect the vehicles’ stability.

After an accident, we work closely to determine who is liable in your case. We can pursue damages on your behalf from other drivers, manufacturing companies, and any other at-fault party.

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