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McAlester Bad Faith Insurance Attorneys

Holding Negligent Insurance Agents Accountable for Their Actions

Customers rely on their agent to ask the right questions, provide the correct coverage, and make sure their underwriters create the best policies. Consumers who suffer bodily injury or damage to their property expect that, when they pay premiums, the right protections will be in place. Commercial clients expect that insurance will properly cover their rebuilding, business interruption, and other financial losses.

When a catastrophe or accident occurs, you do not want to discover that your insurance policy is unsound. That’s where the McAlester agent negligence attorneys at Stipe Law Firm come in. We have over six decades of combined experience holding insurance agents and their carriers responsible when insurance policies fail to exist or are defective in some way. We sue to hold responsible insurance companies and individuals who are liable for the damages that would have been paid had you been properly insured.

Types of Insurance Agent Negligence

Here are some of the reasons insurance agents fail to get you the insurance coverage you need:

  • Mistakes in coverage. Insurance contracts involve a lot of complicated issues. The policies need to cover the likely risks for your business or personal interests. The exclusions need to be clear and the policy limits must be correct. The amount of damages and deductibles should be right for your situation. Negligence is no excuse. Insurance agents want your money in the form of premiums. The trade-off is that they are required to give you the correct advice. Our agent negligence lawyers in McAlester hold the agents, and their principals – the company that writes the policy – responsible for damages when the coverage request was correct, but the coverage provided was wrong. We sue for insurance company errors and omissions.
  • Mistakes in the execution of the policy. Sometimes the agent offers the right policy but fails to fill out the forms on time, fails to get the right signatures, or fails to pay the carrier in a timely manner. These failures are not excuses. They cause our clients direct harm. We bring suits against the agent and the insurance company for the full amount of the loss.
  • Misrepresentations. Some insurance agents are not always upfront or honest. They tell an individual or business consumer that an exclusion does not apply when it does, that they will be paid replacement value instead of market value when they will not, or provide other false incentives to get you to sign on purpose or out of ignorance. In these cases, we sue for agent negligence. Our attorneys may also sue for punitive damages to punish the wrongdoers.
  • Theft. An insurance agent may take your premiums and disappear. We work with law enforcement to hold these criminals responsible by making them pay civil and punitive damages.

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At Stipe Law Firm, our agent negligence lawyers in McAlester are dedicated to helping consumers and companies enforce their rights. This is true when the agent is just sloppy and especially true when the agent is a crook. Our legal team works to prove that insurance policies really should be in force. We have the experience to hold agents and carriers responsible for your property damage, physical damage, lost profits, and other harms when agents fail to do their job.

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