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When a Vehicle Strikes a Pedestrian in Oklahoma

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In a collision between a pedestrian and a multi-ton vehicle, the resulting injuries to the pedestrian can be catastrophic. From traumatic brain injury to potential paralysis, a victim may be facing lifelong medical complications. The emotional consequences may be dire as well.  The injured person could be suffering from shock, as well as distress from dealing with insurance claims, medical treatment, and potentially losing time from work.

Injured pedestrians and their loved ones can turn to the Stipe Law Firm for seasoned legal representation after an accident. A Oklahoma pedestrian accident attorney from our firm helps you and your family obtain the compensation you need and deserve to pay for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

Causes of pedestrian accidents

Even the most cautious pedestrian is at risk of being injured by a reckless driver. These types of collisions occur most commonly at busy intersections and in high traffic areas. You could also be struck while walking on a winding rural road or while strolling late at night.

Our Oklahoma pedestrian accident lawyers often see accidents caused by drivers:

  • Running through crosswalks without looking
  • Failing to stop at a stop sign or light
  • Operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Not having their headlights on while driving at night
  • Operating their vehicle aggressively
  • Being distracted by a cell phone, GPS system, or other distraction

Drivers must yield the right of way to pedestrians in a crosswalk and follow other basic driving rules. When a motorist fails to abide by traffic laws, he or she may be facing additional fines and penalties. If a negligent driver injured you, and that driver was issued a traffic ticket, you could potentially use that ticket as evidence in your civil lawsuit.

Pedestrian accident injuries

Pedestrians are virtually helpless when pitted against more than a ton of steel and machinery. Due to the size and weight of a vehicle, a pedestrian could be facing very serious injuries if struck:

  • Head injuries. When impacted by a fast moving vehicle, a pedestrian’s body flies into the air before impacting the ground. This type of violent bodily movement can cause injury to the brain if a hard object hits against the head or protrudes into the skull. Traumatic brain injuries range in severity from mild with temporary concussions to severe, leading to a permanent loss of cognitive functions, and even death.
  • Injury to hips and legs. When pedestrians are hit by a car, it is often the hip and legs that take on the brunt of the impact. Fractures and broken bones within these areas often result
  • Internal injuries. The impact between a vehicle and a pedestrian can also cause internal injuries, such as broken blood vessels and damage to major tissues or organs. These injuries may eventually require amputation.

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