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The Most Common Forms of Automotive Defects


Automotive defects can occur because of a design flaw or because of a mistake during the manufacturing process. However, regardless of when or how they occur, they are capable of causing serious injuries and death. Any time you suffer injury in an auto accident, you should visit a doctor. However, it is also important to consult with an attorney. He or she can help you uncover the true cause of your crash. Some of the most common automotive defects include:

  • Brake defects — Driving without brakes is a terrifying premise. Yet, braking defects have occurred recently in Toyotas and other vehicles, endangering the lives of countless motorists. A defective braking system may also engage sporadically when the pedal has not been pressed.
  • Malfunctioning airbags — Airbags are designed to save lives. However, if they are defective, they may fail to prevent injury or, worse yet, they may cause injury. If your airbag fails to deploy or deploys suddenly when there is no impact and you sustain injury as a result, you may be entitled to just compensation.
  • Defective seatbelts — The law requires you to wear your seatbelt. However, if your seatbelt is defective, it may fail to engage, causing you unnecessary harm.
  • Defective tires — Defective tire treads can cause you to lose control of your vehicle. In some cases, tire defects can even cause SUV rollovers.

Automotive defects can be difficult to uncover. An experienced team of Oklahoma injury lawyers at Stipe Law Firm can perform an exhaustive investigation into your accident to determine the person or party responsible for causing you harm. Contact us today.