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What to Do If You Encounter an Aggressive Driver


Imagine you are on your commute to work when you encounter a driver who is swerving, tailgating, bumping cars and endangering your life and the lives of your fellow motorists. Do you know what to do? The last thing you want is to be in the crosshairs of a driver with a bad case of road rage. Aggressive drivers are sometimes willing to follow people great distances, honking their horns and screaming profanities along the way. The following tips may be able to help you stay safe the next time you encounter an aggressive driver.

  • Stay out of their way — Do not get close to an aggressive driver for any reason. Rather, you should distance yourself from him or her in a safe manner.
  • Swallow your pride — When you first encounter a driver with road rage, your instinct may be to defend yourself and respond to his or her aggression. Don’t.
  • Avoid eye contact — Many aggressive drivers on the road are searching for a target, and if you make eye contact with one, you could be in trouble.
  • Call the police — When it is safe to do so, you should call the police and report the aggressive driver.

Sometimes avoiding an aggressive driver is impossible. However, if a motorist exhibiting road rage crashes into your vehicle or causes you to get in an accident, we at Stipe Law Firm want to help you fight for rightful compensation.