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Why Do Trucking Accidents Occur?


Trucking accidents occur for a variety of reasons. In some cases, potholes and other road defects are to blame. Even the most experienced semi-truck driver may have difficulty maneuvering through heavy rain and sleet, dense fog and gusting winds. However, there are many other reasons that truck accidents occur. Depending on the circumstances of your case, your accident may have been caused by:

  • Driver fatigue — Truck drivers operate on tight schedules. Some truckers push their bodies to the limit, resting as little as possible. However, doing this is against the law and highly dangerous. An exhausted or fatigued truck driver may swerve into oncoming traffic, jackknife or possibly sideswipe other drivers.
  • Lack of experience — Operating a truck requires a special license. However, driving a truck safely often requires experience. Your accident may simply be the result of a driver on his or her first long haul.
  • Poorly loaded cargo — The party who loaded the trailer of the truck that hit you may also be at fault. If truck cargo is not secure or if a trailer is overloaded, it can cause a tractor-trailer to become difficult to maneuver.
  • Truck defect — If the brakes, tires, hitch or other component of a truck malfunction, it can cause the driver to lose control and collide with other vehicles.

Truck accidents can be devastating and victims often suffer catastrophic injuries. If you suffer injury in a trucking accident or if you have lost your loved in a tractor-trailer wreck, consult with a compassionate and experienced team of personal injury attorneys in OK at Stipe Law Firm as soon as possible.