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The Informed Consumer: Harmful Product Recalls


Product liability lawsuits occur when consumers bring home a defective product that does not function as intended or does not live up to its written or implied warranty. Many people don’t know that they own a recalled product until it’s too late. Oklahoma injury attorneys work hard to pursue product liability cases that cause injuries, death and other consequences.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is constantly gathering reports on injuries caused by defective and recalled products. Despite efforts to protect consumers, defective products cost Americans $900 billion each year. At any given time, the CPSC website has a list of 5,000 current recalls and product alerts. Millions of defective items are in Oklahoma homes — you need to be aware of these defective products to protect your family.

Most common, most dangerous household items recalled

Fire hazards are a common reason for product recalls. In February 2012, 200,000 gas furnaces used in manufactured homes were recalled for starting devastating fires. Millions of dishwashers, dehumidifiers, space heaters, box fans and appliances were also recalled after igniting house fires. Similarly, hazardous gel fuel used in backyard torches was blamed for burning dozens of people.

Children are frequently the victims of defective products. The CPSC has recalled 11 million drop-side cribs after infants suffered fatal injuries. Defective Bumbo baby seats caused dozens of skull fractures, and stylish Maclaren strollers have amputated children’s fingers in the hinges. Blinds and shades were recalled after strangling children with the low-hanging cords. Magnetix building sets caused dozens of children to undergo surgery after swallowing loose magnets, and toy dart sets sold at Family Dollar caused several choking deaths.

Cheap items can cost thousands of dollars in damage. If you have a defective product in your home, get rid of it. Then, call an Oklahoma injury attorney to receive compensation for injuries caused by dangerous products.