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Consumer Goods - Consumer Recalls


The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) provides consumers in Oklahoma and across the United States with information, explanations and warnings about potentially dangerous products.

When using the CPSC website, you can access recall information by category or recall date. Categories included on the CPSC site are relatively straightforward, and recent recalls receiving a fair amount of attention include:

  • Babies and kids — Recent recalls for children include several items that pose a choking or strangulation hazard and a bicycle recalled for suddenly loosened handlebars. Products involved include Gingham Bunny Forks and Spoons for Babies, Baby Boden and Mini Boden overalls, Classic Characters Infant Socks, and Huffy Slider tricycles.
  • Toys — Choking and ingestion hazards highlight toys recently recalled by the CPSC. Watch out for detachable doll hands and pegs, Small World Toys wooden puzzles, and high-powered magnets on products including Land of Nod dolls. BuckyBalls, BuckyCubes and other toy magnet sets should all be used with care.
  • Home and garden — A number of products recently recalled pose diverse hazards, including laceration and fire. Some recalled items are Giada De Laurentiis Lasagna Pan, CE Tech Riser Cable, and Haier and Black & Decker brand chest freezers.
  • Sports and recreation — Recently recalled sports equipment includes WRSI helmets, Trident scuba equipment and Cervélo P-Series bicycles.
  • Fire and carbon monoxide — Fire and explosion hazards are featured prominently in recent recalls. Products include Gerbings and Harley-Davidson jacket liners, Manchester Tank and Equipment Company Propane Cylinders, and 120-volt LED bulbs sold under Definity, EcoSmart, Sylvania and Westinghouse brand names.
  • Hazardous metal in products — Excessive lead levels were cause for recent hazards involving Childrens Network clothing, Captain Cutless Pirate toy guns and Bluestem brand furniture.

Too often, we remain unaware of dangerous consumer goods until someone is hurt. If you were injured by a product you reasonably expected to be safe, speak with the Oklahoma attorneys of Stipe Law Firm for skilled legal advice.