Our Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Explain How to Report a Work-Related Injury

Helping clients meet the requirements of Oklahoma workers’ compensation laws

Workplace injuries are more often the rule than the exception. This is especially true for jobs that include any type of physical labor. Workers should not be afraid to notify their employer if they are hurt at work or suffering work-related pain. Workers’ compensation laws were enacted as a compromise, allowing workers to get a percentage of lost income and medical help without the need to prove fault. Employers do not have to pay for pain and suffering unless a third party was negligent.

At Stipe Law Firm, our Oklahoma workers’ compensation lawyers have the skill, experience, and resources to fight for justice. We have been helping injured workers process their claims, file for benefits, work with physicians, and mediate settlements for more than 60 years. When insurance companies are unreasonable, we prepare your case for a hearing and argue that the worker should get lost income, lifetime medical benefits, vocational rehabilitation, and other compensation. We work to make sure employees are not forced back to work too early and to have disabilities properly classified.

Why employees should report a work accident as soon as possible

Many workers delay reporting an injury at work or do not report it at all. They may fear looking like they are not a hard worker. They may even think that it jeopardizes their job. Our Oklahoma workers’ compensation attorneys understand the practical and legal issues involved with reporting injuries and accidents. We encourage workers to contact us as soon as an accident or injury occurs so we can give them proper advice. There are strong reasons why workers should report a workplace accident or injury as soon as the accident happens or the injury causes any problems, including:

  • It makes it easier to assert that the injuries relate to the accident. Employers will try to use the delay to argue your injuries were due to a non-work activity.
  • Employers will argue that if the injuries were really serious, the employee would have acted immediately.
  • Employees should normally file an injury report and get medical care within 30 days or the employer may deny the claim. This 30-day requirement applies if the employee suffered the injury due to a single event.
  • For occupational diseases and injuries, such as repetitive stress, employees have to give notice of the injury within 90 days from the date the employee stops working.

Our seasoned legal team knows that some clients delay filing a notice. We work aggressively to show the delay should not affect the eligibility of the claimant nor the amount of benefits.

Prompt reports mean prompt medical treatment

It is important to get medical treatment promptly. Delay can hurt your chances for improvement. Medical treatment for work injuries is different than for other claims. When employees file the accident or illness report, the employer should then provide a list of doctors for the patient to see. The employee has the right to choose a preferred doctor from this list. Once the worker begins treatment, he or she has to follow through with the treatment. Switches to other doctors are allowed, but there are strict rules that an Oklahoma workers’ compensation attorney at Stipe Law can explain to you.

Contact an experienced Oklahoma work-injury lawyer for strong legal representation

If you were hurt or a loved one died at work, it is important to meet all your legal obligations, including filing a report with your employer. The Oklahoma workers’ compensation attorneys at Stipe Law Firm explain how to file the report in a timely manner. We also review how the report should be filed and who should get notice. After notice is filed, our legal team works to get you the maximum recovery allowed. Call us now at 918-558-2255 or complete our contact form to learn more about how we can help. From our McAlester office, we represent clients throughout Southeastern Oklahoma and beyond.