Compassionate Oklahoma Lawyers Explain the SSD Claim Litigation Process

Understanding how to navigate the Social Security disability applicant system

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are government programs that pay benefits for workers who have a serious disability and/or workers with low income who cannot work or are blind. It can be hard to figure out which program is right for you. It is harder still to actually get the benefits approved. More than half of all applicants are initially denied benefits.

The experienced Oklahoma Social Security Disability lawyers at Stipe Law Firm can help. We have more than 60 years of combined experience assisting claimants. We understand how to prepare the right claim and gather the correct medical records. We work with your doctors to determine the exact nature of your disability. Our legal team reviews your income and work history. We also understand how to question vocational experts who are often used in disability cases.

The keys of Social Security Disability litigation

Getting your SSD benefits is a fight. The benefits are not handed out automatically. Our Oklahoma Social Security Disability attorneys are highly trained and understand the main pitfalls on many applications. We are able to anticipate the arguments that Social Security will make to try to deny your claim.

The key points we examine are these:

  • Financial status. In SSI cases, applicants must meet an income and asset test. There are many types of incomes and assets that should not be included. We make a thorough review of your finances to help persuade the Social Security Administration that you meet their tests.
  • Work history. In SSDI cases, claimants need to show they have worked a sufficient number of quarter years to qualify. The amount of quarters needed depends on the applicant’s age. We work to show that you have enough approved quarters.
  • Disability. This is the key requirement in both SSDI and many SSI cases. Disability means a claimant cannot participate in significant gainful activity for more than a year or that death is imminent. Social Security has a list of disability impairments. If a disability matches a listed impairment, the disability should be accepted.  If you do not have a listed impairment, you can still be considered disabled. It just means we have to work a little harder. Our legal team works to show that your disability still meets the basic test of not being able to work for a year. We work to show your medical condition combined with your age and your work shills entitles you to benefits.
  • Hearing. We prepare you for the hearing by explaining the questions that are likely to be asked. We also make the factual and legal arguments that present your case in the most persuasive light.
  • Appeals. There are various levels of appeals if the hearing does not go your way. We explain the options and take appeals when it can reasonably help you get the benefits you deserve.

To learn more about SSD claims litigation in Oklahoma, turn to our attorneys today.

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