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What Are the 5 Most Common Injuries Sustained on Oklahoma Oilfields?


The oil and gas industry is a dangerous one, and it takes a special kind of worker to step up to that danger every day. Here in Oklahoma, our oilfield workers risk sustaining serious injuries just for doing their jobs. Between defective or aged equipment pushed past its prime, the increase of earthquakes caused by fracking, and the imminent risk of fire and explosions, Oklahoma oilfield workers put life and limb on the line every day.

If you work out in the fields, you have an increased chance of:

  • Sustaining a traumatic brain injury. Wearing a hard hat can protect your skull, but it won’t be enough if you are hit with a falling piece of rigging, or caught up in an explosion. Oklahoma oilfield workers suffer hits, bumps and falls every day, and any one of those could lead to a TBI with long-lasting or permanent side effects.
  • Losing a limb. When you work with power tools, there is always a risk of a serious injury like the loss of a finger, hand or arm. Falling off of a raise platform, being crushed by a piece of equipment, getting caught in between a motor vehicle and an immovable object, getting your protective gloves caught in the gears of a machine – any of these scenarios can cause serious, life-changing injuries.
  • Vision or hearing loss. When you are subjected to loud noises every single day, it is inevitable that over time, you will lose part of your hearing. Wearing ear plugs may help stave it off for a while, but the chances are good that you will end up at least partially deaf. Vision loss is also a serious risk. It is imperative that you wear protective goggles at all times, because you never know when a rogue spark or flying shard could hit you.
  • Repetitive stress injuries. Performing the same movements in the same actions day in, day out can lead to repetitive stress injuries. Based on the kind of wok oilfield employees do, these injuries are likely to happen to the knees, back, neck and shoulders, and over time could limit a person’s mobility. Too much stress could land you in a wheelchair when your career comes to an end.
  • Burns injuries or disfigurement. When you work around flammable materials and noxious chemicals, your chances of being burned increase. Serious burn injuries can not only make it impossible for you to work, but can actually close off your pores, making it impossible for you to sweat, which means your body can no longer regulate its own temperature, putting you at risk of overheating.

If you sustained an injury on an Oklahoma oilfield, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Additional factors, such as whether or not defective equipment was involved or if the injury is not “on the job” and the result of negligence, may allow you to pursue a claim for damages in state or federal court. Under these circumstances, filing such a personal injury lawsuit may be the only or best way for you to recover for your losses and protect your family.

At Stipe Law Firm, we can advise you what your best options are. For years, we have upheld the rights of injured oilfield workers throughout Southeast Oklahoma, so that they could continue to protect and provide for their families, even when their injuries are so great they cannot work. To schedule a free consultation with a trusted Oklahoma oilfield injury attorney about your needs, please call (918) 505-7741, or fill out this contact form. From our office in McAlester, we serve clients throughout the state.