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What Are the Most Dangerous Dog Breeds?


All dogs have the potential be dangerous. Even smaller breeds can pose a threat to young children. Further, any kind of dog attack can be terrifying for victims and witnesses alike. In addition to serious physical injuries, dog bites can cause deep psychological and emotional trauma. Is there a way to prevent a dog attack altogether? Should certain types of dogs be avoided? Perhaps. The following dog breeds have a reputation for being dangerous:

  • Pit bull — The pit bull is a notoriously aggressive and muscular dog. Often trained for home defense or fighting, the pit bull can range from 30 pounds to approximately 60 lbs. According to one study on dog fatalities, pit bulls accounted for 59 percent of dog attack deaths over a three-year period.
  • Rottweiler — Originally from Germany, with its black and brown coat, the Rottweiler is one of the most distinctive dog breeds in the world. Rottweilers have strong jaws and powerful legs and are often favored by security, military and police. However, Rottweilers are also known for being highly aggressive, even when not provoked.
  • German Shepherd — It is theorized that the Romans used dogs similar to the modern day German Shepherd. Athletic, fierce and confident, the German Shepherd can be a powerful ally to police and military personnel. If raised improperly or provoked, this type of dog can cause serious injury or death to other animals or people.

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