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Fatal Truck Accident Illustrates the Potential Complexity of Identifying Liability


Trucking accident injury cases are among the most complex types of personal injury claims. Large commercial vehicles are subject to strict state and federal regulations to help ensure safe operation on the road. However, many factors can contribute to the causes of each crash — from driver error to mechanical failure.

The failure of a new truck ended the lives of two teenagers on June 21, 2013. According to, the truck lost its fifth axle duals, and the wheels hit the windshield of a Jeep, causing severe head injuries to two Texas teens and putting another teen in critical condition.

Identifying the true cause of an accident like this is crucial to pinpointing any parties who have liability. In this incident, multiple causes are possible, such as the following:

  • Defective equipment may point to liability of the truck manufacturer since the semi was a 2013 vehicle.
  • Defective parts can indicate liability of the parts manufacturer that supplied the truck maker.
  • Improper maintenance can still play a role since even new vehicles require regular attention to parts that are subject to rapid wear during long-distance travel.

Cases like this illustrate the need for detailed investigation by professionals who have extensive knowledge of regulations, operational issues and even the inner workings of trucking companies. The experienced truck accident attorneys at Stipe Law Firm have extensive knowledge of the trucking industry and a network of skilled investigators to uncover the evidence needed to pursue compensation for victims of these often-fatal accidents. Contact us today!