Hard hats are worn on construction sites for a reason. However, just because building sites are dangerous doesn’t mean that accidents are bound to happen. If you are a construction worker and you suffer injury on the job, you may be able to receive workers’ compensation. However, you may also be able to file a third-party claim. If you suffer injury in any of the following accidents, don’t hesitate in seeking competent legal help,

  • Fall accidents — Falls are among the most common construction accidents. Yet not all gravity-related accidents involve faulty scaffolding. In fact, slip and falls and trip and falls occur frequently on construction sites because of debris, construction materials including wiring, pipes and cinder blocks, torn up pavement and other hazards. Fall accidents can lead to brain injuries, neck injuries, spinal cord injuries and even death.
  • Falling debris — It is vital that debris and equipment be properly secured on scaffolding and on top of buildings. If building material or tools fall, they can strike workers or pedestrians on the ground, resulting in injury or death.
  • Construction vehicle accidents — Dump trucks, cranes, backhoes and other construction vehicles require specialized training to use. If operated recklessly, any of these metal behemoths can maim or kill workers or pedestrians.
  • Heavy equipment accidents — Various tools and pieces of machinery are used in the construction industry. If any component of a construction machine malfunctions, it can cause dismemberment or death.

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