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Sharing the Road: Motorcyclists, Bicycle and Cars


Last January, 43-year-old Tulsa resident John Akin was riding his custom motorcycle when a truck pulled in front of him at an intersection. To avoid the accident, Mr. Akin laid down the bike, but was struck and killed. In February, Joseph Helmka, a 58-year old Oklahoma City resident was struck and killed in an intersection by a hit-and-run driver while riding a bicycle.

Our law firm has served injured clients across Oklahoma for decades. We see the devastating results of collision between motorcycles, bicycles and motorized vehicles. Any collision can cause life threatening injury or death but the unprotected nature of motorcycles and bicycles too often leads to fatal injury, even after a minor accident.

According to the Oklahoma Motorcycle Safety and Education Committee, there were 1,662 motorcycle crashes in 2010. In Oklahoma, motorcycle accidents peak in the summer months.

May is both Motorcycle Awareness month and Bike Safety month. As the weather warms, more bikers and cyclists take to the road to enjoy the weather and the scenery.

Whether you ride or drive, safely sharing the road is important to arriving at your destination on time — and alive. Make motorcycle and bicycle safety a priority throughout the year and keep these points in mind:

  • If you ride a motorcycle or bicycle, be seen. If you drive a car, watch for low-profile vehicles like motorcycles and bikes. When you see one, assume it is near your vehicle and drive accordingly.
  • Cars are fast, motorcycles are quick and bicycles can be fast or slow. Disparity in speed and difficulty judging the distance to any vehicle is dangerous. Watch your speed and be sure you have the time and needed space before you move in front of a motorcycle or bicycle.

Oklahoma is a great place to live and to tour. If injured on a motorcycle, bicycle or in a car, speak with an experienced personal injury attorney with our firm. We can help.