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Were You in a Hit and Run and Pedestrian Accident?


Pedestrians take a risk each time they take to the sidewalks. While walking to get places or for health reasons is generally an excellent choice, pedestrians must remain alert at all times when walking near roadways.

A significant percentage of pedestrians are injured at intersections. Many are hit by vehicles that are backing up. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 4,280 pedestrians were killed and about 70,000 were injured in traffic accidents in the United States in 2010.

Unfortunately, when involved in an accident with a motor vehicle, a pedestrian is likely to sustain serious injuries. By law, a driver of any vehicle must remain at the scene of an accident where personal injury is involved. Failure to do so can lead to serious criminal charges for a hit and run.

If you are injured as a pedestrian, reach out to an auto accident injury lawyer for help to recover your medical and other expenses arising from the accident. Criminal charges may be brought against the person who injured you if they are warranted. But a well-substantiated insurance claim and/or a civil action is needed to recover a monetary settlement or award.

For your personal injury lawsuit you typically need:

  • Your employment, police, and medical records
  • Experts who can testify on your physical, medical and emotional condition before and after the accident including pain and suffering
  • Experts who can value the financial damages you suffered such as lost past and future earnings and loss of opportunity

Do not hesitate to reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your pedestrian injury. A lawyer can investigate and compile an accurate accounting of your claim with full documentation.