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Safer Car? We Have an App for That


In an effort to provide information and updates to consumers about car safety, ratings and alerts, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently announced the release of a new app for Apple products like iPhones and iPod touches.

Part of the NHTSA mandate is to provide information to consumers about recalls, recent legislative updates and safety topics, including crash test data. The new SaferCar app, currently available for free on iTunes, provides users information about:

  • Collision test results — When considering the purchase of a new vehicle, users can obtain and compare vehicle safety data.
  • Recalls and problems — Consumers can register to receive updates or recall notices on a vehicle they own or drive. The app also makes it easy for consumers to file a complaint if they experience a vehicle safety problem.
  • Car seats — Installing and using infant and child car seats correctly is essential in keeping young passengers safe. The app offers directions to obtain help installing a car seat along with information for use.
  • Alerts — You can receive Safety Alerts and information provided by NHTSA through SaferCar.

While initially available only to Apple device users, a version for Android devices is in development. NHTSA has also released its Application Programming Interface (API), allowing developers to access data for integration into websites and other apps for mobile devices.

NHTSA hopes the release of information and open-source interface provides free, easily accessible information to keep you and your family safe on the road. Just be sure not to access the app while driving!