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Defects in Roads Can Cause Serious Accidents


Anyone who drives knows that wet conditions such as rain and snow can wreak havoc with driving conditions. A normal commute can double in time, and as you drive you may pass one or more cars that have left the roadway and landed in a ditch.

While no one can control the weather, it is reasonable to expect our roadways to be constructed and maintained in a fashion that minimizes accidents. If you are injured on a road due to what you believe is a road defect, you may be able to recover fair and just compensation for your injuries.

Water pooling on roads is a common cause of accidents. When roads are not constructed properly, water can pool and cause the tires of the vehicle to hydroplane. Once hydroplaning occurs, a driver can lose control of the car and leave the roadway. Some causes of pooling include defective highway design and road construction projects that divert water improperly onto the roadway.

Drivers have the right to access roads that are free of defects. Some road defect and highway maintenance issues that can be caused by negligence and lead to accidents include the following:

  • Improper drainage
  • Poor highway design — improper banking, too sharp curves, too steep hills
  • Potholes or uneven pavement
  • Improper construction or maintenance of roadways
  • Lack of signage or improper signage
  • Failure to install or maintain guardrails
  • Debris left on roadways after it would be expected to be removed
  • Untrimmed bushes or trees
  • Broken lights
  • Failure to deal with snowy or icy conditions in a timely way
  • Inadequate design or control of access/egress ramps
  • Non-existent or faded center, passing and shoulder lines
  • Lack of reflective markers

A skilled car accident attorney can arrange for experts to determine the cause of your accident. You may be able to recover significant compensation for the injuries you suffered if negligence is involved.