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Common Workplace Ailments in Industrial Settings


The responsibility for remaining safe in an industrial work environment lies with both the employer and the employee. While the employer must minimize hazardous working conditions and provide safety gear for workers, employees need to be mindful of their surrounding at all times. Unfortunately, industrial workplace accidents still happen regularly. The following list indicates the top 10 most common accidents in an industrial setting:

  • Overexertion: Employees are often required to lift, push, pull and carry more than their bodies can bear
  • Slipping and tripping: Falling due to a substance or foreign object on the floor
  • Falling: employees are routinely injured when trying to obtain something out of their reach
  • Reaction injury: This can occur when an employee reacts to a sudden or unsafe event, such as jumping back to avoid being burned
  • Injury from fallen objects: These injuries occur when an object falls from a high distance and strikes the employee
  • Running into objects: These injuries happen when an employee walks into something, such as a wall or table
  • Car accidents: Workers who drive as part of their job may be involved in motor vehicle accidents through no fault of their own
  • Entanglement with machinery: Employees who work with machines may get hair, clothing, body parts or loose items caught in them
  • Injury from repetitive motion: When one body part performs the same function for hours every day, it can result in repetitive motion injury. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the most common type.
  • Workplace violence: Fights between employees and unprovoked attacks on large numbers of people quality as workplace violence

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