Respected Oklahoma Lawyers Stand Up to the Insurance Companies

Tulsa attorneys help you when your insurer won’t

You purchase insurance to have some protection in the event of a worst-case scenario. But what happens when that worst-case scenario occurs, and your insurance company decides to leave you out to dry? At Stipe Law Firm, our no-nonsense attorneys protect you from the whims of your insurance company and make sure that you get the coverage you are owed.

The basics of insurance bad faith

Insurance bad faith is a legal term that refers to a type of claim that you, as an insured person, can file against an insurance company for its acts. Every insurance contract has an implied “good faith and fair dealing” duty, and if an insurer decides to act against that pact by refusing to grant coverage in desperate situations, the insured person can sue the company.

The legal team at Stipe Law Firm is experienced and educated in bad faith case histories, giving us the ability to offer you strong representation. Despite the lack of a real concrete definition, there are a number of different ways that insurance companies can enter into “bad faith” with their clients. Some of the more common examples include:

  • Claim denials
  • Unreasonable policy cancellation
  • Threats against insured
  • Failure to defend
  • Inadequate investigation
  • Delay in handling claims

Our legal term has experience in handling insurance bad faith claims and can help you get the coverage that your insurance company owes you.

Our team holds your insurance company accountable

To effectively challenge your insurance company, you need an experienced and passionate legal team at your side. The burden of proof is on the policyholder to show that the company acted in bad faith. Our skilled attorneys pursue:

  • Punitive damages. To punish the insurance company for its bad faith and to protect against future wrongdoing, we seek punitive damages against the company.
  • Compensation. On top of getting your necessary insurance coverage, we seek compensation for the struggle that your insurance company put you through.

Within our personal injury areas of practice, our team has the experience necessary to help you fight back against your insurance company. We want to see you get the compensation to which you’re entitled.

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