Aug 24, 2016

Accidental Poisoning is a Real Threat to Oklahomans

By |Aug 24, 2016|Wrongful Death|0 Comments

At the end of July, we discussed how accidental deaths are on the rise throughout the country. While preventable deaths still lead the pack – heart disease, cancers, etc. – we have seen an increase in specific types of fatal accidents as well. lists poisoning as the 11th most common fatal accident, when you [...]

Aug 17, 2016

What Are the 5 Most Common Injuries Sustained on Oklahoma Oilfields?

By |Aug 17, 2016|Oil Field Injury|0 Comments

The oil and gas industry is a dangerous one, and it takes a special kind of worker to step up to that danger every day. Here in Oklahoma, our oilfield workers risk sustaining serious injuries just for doing their jobs. Between defective or aged equipment pushed past its prime, the increase of earthquakes caused by [...]

Aug 11, 2016

Insurance Agent Negligence Is Considered Bad Faith

By |Aug 11, 2016|Insurance Bad Faith|0 Comments

When you purchase an insurance policy, you work with an agent. Perhaps you choose him or her out of all the local insurance agents in the area, or perhaps you are assigned to an agent if you try to obtain your issuance online. Either way, there is a person who works with policyholders like you [...]

Aug 3, 2016

Fatal Accident with a Self-Driving Car Reminds Us that Technology Needs Regulations, Too

By |Aug 3, 2016|Auto Accidents|0 Comments

Over the past few years, we have seen a “tech boom” when it comes to the abilities of our cars. From built-in GPS to automatic brakes, to rearview cameras and push-button start, we’ve come to take this technology for granted. So when Google announced that its self-driving cars were ready for the road, it seemed [...]

Jul 27, 2016

Accidental Deaths Are Increasing in Our Country

By |Jul 27, 2016|Wrongful Death|0 Comments

Depending on who you ask, the leading cause of death in this country could be auto accidents, or heart disease (Oklahoma was number three in the nation in 2010), or falls. But a new report from the National Safety Council tells us that accidental deaths – specifically, those cause by drug overdoses or poisoning – [...]

Jul 20, 2016

Workers’ Compensation for Common Oilfield Industry Accidents

By |Jul 20, 2016|Workers Compensation|0 Comments

The oil and gas extraction industry is an incredibly dangerous industry for its workers. The work is strenuous and dirty, it involves heavy machinery, potentially explosive gases, exposure to toxins and fast paced work tasks. This provides an environment that is full of hazards that could lead to injury and even death. There are many [...]

Jul 13, 2016

Truck Accidents Caused by Aggressive Driving

By |Jul 13, 2016|Auto Accidents|0 Comments

Big rigs, large, commercial trucks and 18-wheelers share our highways and roads carrying the freight that keeps our economy moving. Even when they are driving along obeying the speed limit and the rules of the road, they pose a significant safety hazard to the much smaller passenger vehicles on the roadways. However, when the driver [...]

Jul 7, 2016

Insurance Bad Faith Denial Practices

By |Jul 7, 2016|Insurance Bad Faith|0 Comments

Insurance policies serve a vital purpose in the U.S. economy. Without insurance, individuals and businesses would suffer certain financial ruin whenever they suffered any kind of significant property damage or loss. People pay their insurance premiums in expectation that the insurance company will uphold their end of the bargain if something unfortunate were to happen. [...]

Jun 29, 2016

Filing a Wrongful Death Claim after a Fatal Accident

By |Jun 29, 2016|Wrongful Death|0 Comments

When you have lost a beloved family member after a fatal accident, their loss can be devastating to your life in many ways. Every time you hear about an accident that had fatalities, you know that means that there are family members grieving the loss of a loved one. However, along with having lost the [...]

Jun 23, 2016

Why Insurance Companies Refuse to Pay for Cosmetic Damage

By |Jun 23, 2016|Insurance Bad Faith|0 Comments

Insurance companies work tirelessly to minimize the chances of actually paying a claim. They do so in any number of ways, but most often by using dense legal jargon and vague language that limits their obligation in any given circumstance. An insurance policy is designed to protect you and your assets from damage or loss, [...]

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"I have the upmost respect for this firm. They are professional and treat everyone with compassion and dignity. They are always willing to fight for the “little guy”."

“I have the upmost respect for this firm. They are professional and treat everyone with compassion and dignity. They are always willing to fight for the “little guy”.”

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