construction3Rights of Construction Accident Victims

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At Stipe Law Firm, our Oklahoma construction accident lawyers understand that men and women in the construction field face more dangers on the job than most. If you or a loved one has sustained injury as a result of a construction site accident, our experienced legal team is on your side to get you the compensation you deserve.

The consequences of construction injuries

There are countless dangers on the job every day at a construction site. You never know when a machine will break down, when a co-worker will suddenly become unreliable or when one small slip will turn into a big fall. Unfortunately, many construction companies fail to compensate their workers properly when they suffer an injury. They leave victims to fend for themselves when it comes to medical costs, and their resulting time off work could jeopardize their job.

The following are just a few of the most common construction accidents:

  • Falls/back and neck injuries
  • Burns and electrical injuries
  • Brain and head injuries
  • Crane accidents
  • Scaffold accidents
  • Vehicle accidents

With personal injury as one of our top areas of practice, our trustworthy team stands by your side after you’ve suffered an accident so that we can help you get back on your feet again, both physically and financially. At Stipe Law Firm, we diligently research the facts in your case and identify the responsible parties. Our goal is to prove negligence and that this negligence caused your injury.

Our Norman personal injury attorneys fight for workers’ rights

With construction accidents, there is often crossover with premises liability and workers’ compensation cases. An Oklahoma construction accident lawyer will determine who is liable in your case and formulate the best strategy for obtaining your full and fair compensation. Either through a settlement or verdict, we seek to get you recovery for medical expenses, lost wages and earning capacity, pain and suffering and more.

It’s important to have a strong legal team at your back when you have been injured at work, which is why our trusted Oklahoma construction accident attorneys help you throughout your case. To learn more, visit our personal injury overview.

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When you’ve been injured in a construction accident, the experienced legal team at Stipe Law Firm works relentlessly to ensure you receive full and fair compensation. Call us today or contact us online and allow us to help you on your road to recovery. You pay no attorney’s fees unless we recover for you.