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An Oklahoma truck accident attorney can help you get back on your feet

Semi-trucks can be particularly dangerous on the road, especially for other motorists. A majority of semi-truck accidents cause serious injuries and damage to multiple vehicles. The result for victims is not only a period of recovery and lost income, but also a battle with the trucking company for compensation. At Stipe Law Firm, our lawyers have experience standing up to these trucking companies and are here to help you.

Causes and consequences of truck accidents

As with most lawsuits, the most important part of any truck accident case is determining who is at fault. Unfortunately, this process can be quite difficult – a detailed understanding of trucking laws is required to proceed, and the lawyer must research the extensive records kept by the company in order to find who is to blame. Defendants may include the truck driver, the company, the contractor, the manufacturer, government entities or even insurance companies.

Part of determining who is at fault in the accident is the cause of the accident itself. These causes are not always obvious immediately after the accidents, but usually involve one of the following:

  • Driver fatigue or intoxication
  • Inadequate training and experience
  • Improperly loaded truck
  • Poorly maintained/defective truck
  • Overworked driver
  • Poor weather conditions

The results of these causes can be catastrophic injury or even death. Trucking companies and insurers will work hard to bury the evidence, but the team at Stipe Law Firm helps you win your case.

Our lawyers stand up to truck companies to earn you compensation

Trucking companies will make every effort to bully victims and hide evidence, but our lawyers will not let that happen. We care about protecting your rights and make sure that whomever is responsible for the accident is held accountable. We seek compensation for:

  • Medical coverage. Your accident may leave you with injuries ranging from minor to catastrophic. No matter your condition, we help you receive compensation to cover your medical bills and rehabilitation costs.
  • Vehicle repairs. We make sure to hold guilty parties responsible not only for your health, but also for the condition of your vehicle.
  • Loss of income/earning capacity. If you are forced to miss work, we pursue compensation that will make up for the time that you need to miss.

Our lawyers can help you stand up to trucking companies and are dedicated to providing outstanding service for cases involving motor vehicle accidents, SUV accidents and bus accidents.

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