Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Fight for Maximum Possible Benefits

Providing strong counsel for injured workers throughout the state

Employees who are injured in the workplace have the right to Oklahoma workers’ compensation benefits without the need to prove the employer was at fault. Workers who suffer an occupational illness can also pursue damages. The worker has to be an employee of an eligible Oklahoma business, the accident or illness had to be work-related, and the injuries have to relate to the accident.

At Stipe Law Firm, our Oklahoma workers’ compensation attorneys understand all aspects of work injury law. We understand the eligibility rules, the full range of benefits workers are allowed, and what employers can and cannot do. We work to make sure employees do not have to return to work until they are physically and emotionally able to the do the job. In addition to wage-loss benefits, medical benefits, and compensation for permanent or total disabilities, we also handle death claims and requests for vocational rehabilitation. Our lawyers have a strong track record of trying cases and negotiating long-term settlements.

Filing the right claims and explaining the workers’ compensation process

Obtaining employee work benefits is far from automatic. Our Oklahoma workers’ compensation lawyers make sure injured and ill workers understand their rights. We prepare proper claims and demand all the benefits that apply. Our lawyers guide you through the medical phase of your case by working with your doctors and hospitals to get accurate, complete reports. We work for approval to send you to another doctor if your doctor is not getting results. We make sure each client’s injury is properly categorized and that workers get all the benefits they deserve.

Our dedicated lawyers guide clients and their families through the following common workers’ compensation issues:

  • We work to show that our clients qualify for work-injury benefits through proving that the worker was an employee or otherwise eligible and that the injury or illness was due to the job.
  • Our legal team advises the worker on his/her duties to report the workplace accident and file the claim on time.
  • Proper reporting and pursuit of the claim. Our team works with clients to file a timely claim and to demand the full range of benefits that apply.
  • Third-party claims. Our lawyers review all aspects of your case. If a non-employer caused the injury, then we bring direct claims against all responsible parties. Direct claims include demands for pain and suffering. Negligence and product liability claims are third-party claims.

Workers should understand that a variety of options may apply. Employees may be entitled to extra wage-loss benefits if their injury is partially or fully permanent, or if they lose the function of an important body part. In some cases, workers can get vocational rehabilitation expenses. Our attorneys can explain all of your options and help you determine to which benefits you may be entitled.

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The Oklahoma workers’ compensation lawyers at Stipe Law Firm review all the options that are best for each client. Our legal team is ready to help you get healthy so you can work again. We fight to make sure each client returns to work only if and when they can and to get all the benefits that apply. Call us today at 918-558-2255 or use our contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with a skilled Oklahoma workers’ compensation attorney. From our McAlester office, we represent clients throughout Southeastern Oklahoma and beyond.