File a social security disability claim in Oklahoma

Knowledgeable Attorneys Explain How to File a Social Security Disability Claim in Oklahoma

Helping you understand the claim filing process

Claimants who file a Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) application can do so in several ways. Knowing where and how to file the claims is just one part of the process. Claimants should make sure their income and work history records are current and accurate. Claims that are based on a disability require the right medical records and evidence.

At Stipe Law Firm, our Oklahoma SSD lawyers understand the correct process for filing and what evidence is needed. We have been helping disabled workers and low-income claimants file and process claims correctly for more than 60 combined years. Our legal team also fights denials and tries cases before hearing officers. We can help guide you through this anxious time and maximize your chances of getting the benefits you need and deserve.

The different ways to file a disability claim

If you have any type of injury, illness, or medical problem that prevents you from working, SSD is an option. There are three basic ways to file. Our Oklahoma Social Security Disability attorneys are happy to explain the process to you. We are also ready to contest any denials of your benefits. The three core ways to file are:

  • In person. You can make an appointment to meet with a representative at your local office and file the claim with the representative.
  • Over the phone. You can arrange to have a phone interview with a representative. There is a separate line for people who are deaf or hard of hearing.
  • Online. You can fill out an application on the website.

If you are unsure about which way you should file, our attorneys can help you determine which choice is best for you.

Be prepared for delay and the need to appeal

Claims for disability benefits generally take between three and five months. There is a special exception, called a “compassionate allowance,” for people who are extremely ill. Our Oklahoma Social Security Disability attorneys understand the compassionate allowance exception. We are also ready to appeal any denial and ask for a hearing if you get a negative notice. A hearing on an appeal can take a long time, sometimes up to a year or two.

What information do you need for the application?

Some of the details you will have to give for your Social Security application include:

  • Your Social Security number
  • Proof of your age
  • Your medical history
  • A list of your medications and dosages
  • Results of any medical tests, including blood tests
  • A work history summary
  • Recent federal tax returns and W-2 forms

To learn more about what is required on an SSD application, turn to our knowledgeable attorneys today.

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The Oklahoma Social Security Disability lawyers at Stipe Law Firm are ready to fight for you. We help clients prepare their application, contest denied claims, prepare for hearings, and appeal negative decisions. Our legal team also works closely with your doctors. To discuss your case for free, please call us at 918-558-2255 or complete our contact form. From our McAlester office, we represent clients throughout Oklahoma.