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Oil field work is very dangerous. Many employees work long hours on sites that are not stable, using tools and equipment that can be deadly. There are many things that can go wrong at an oil field site that don’t happen at normal construction sites. Fires and exposure to chemicals are more likely, and equipment often is more difficult to operate. When accidents happen, the injuries can be extremely severe, even deadly.

At Stipe Law Firm, our Oklahoma oil field accident attorneys understand the oil field industry. When accidents happen, we work with engineers and other professionals to determine if safety rules were violated, whether equipment was safe and inspected, and if every step was taken to put the life of each worker first. In some cases, we bring workers’ compensation claims on behalf of the injured employee. In other situations, we are able to sue a third-party, other than the employer, for the wrong.

Oil field litigation

The advantage of workers’ compensation is that it pays for injuries and occupational illnesses without the need to prove fault. The downside is that recipients only get two-thirds of lost wages for a specific amount of time, and do not get paid for pain and suffering. Moreover, workers’ compensation benefits require that the recipient’s medical situation be constantly monitored.

Where a third party is liable, our Oklahoma personal injury lawyers bring appropriate actions. Often, we can show that you were just an independent contractor and not an employee – and thus not bound by the workers’ compensation law. Sometimes we can show a contractor, manufacturer, or supplier caused your injuries.

When a third-party lawsuit is possible, we seek compensation for all medical bills, all lost income, physical pain, emotional suffering, and any scarring or disfigurement. If death happened to a family member, we demand the full death benefits that worker’s compensation or personal injury law allows.

Types of oil field accidents

Accidents at oil field sites can happen for many reasons. Some of the more common reasons are:

  • Oil service truck accidents. Oil and drilling sites use a lot of commercial and private trucks. Many accidents occur between trucks or between trucks and passenger vehicles. Other accidents occur when trucks collide with a bystander or cause material to spill onto a worker. Our Oklahoma oil field accident attorneys understand what claims should be brought and who should be held responsible.
  • Fracking accidents. Fracking is now a huge business in America, and in Oklahoma in particular. The companies who run the fracking sites should be held accountable for any injuries caused by negligent use of vehicles, failure to follow appropriate safety standards, and failure to prevent spills and chemical leaks. Manufacturers of equipment that is defective can be sued for product liability.
  • Toxic exposure. Exposure to chemicals can cause all sorts of internal and external harm to workers and those in the community. In severe cases, death may occur. The worker and community rely on the site owner and those who generate the toxins to ensure that the toxins are known and that proper precautions are taken. Toxin exposure can cause respiratory problems, nerve damage, cancer, and leukemia.
  • Equipment failure. Oil field workers use a lot of heavy machinery. Often the equipment operates at high speeds. When injuries occur, they are often severe or even fatal. Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers should be held responsible if the machinery is defective or came with poor instructions. Site owners should pay compensation if they failed to follow safety rules or were otherwise negligent.
  • Fire explosions. Gas and fire explosions are a real danger at oilfield sites. The oil can easily ignite and cause damage not just to the workers at the site, but to the entire community. OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, provides many steps and requirements that site owners and companies need to take to prevent these deadly and catastrophic fires.
  • Drilling and rig accidents. Rigs can fail to work or collapse for many reasons. These reasons include failure to follow safety rules, rig blowouts, drilling errors, improper training, and other reasons. When rig accidents happen, the consequences are often catastrophic or deadly.
  • Safety violations. Workplace safety should be the top priority for any oil-related company. Sadly, too often, profits are the top priority. Our Oklahoma oil field attorneys work with professionals to determine the correct federal, state, and local rules and regulations that apply to your case. OSHA provides many of the safety requirements for oil sets. When violations of this law occur, the violators should be held liable

The type and extent of the injuries depend on how the accident happened. In the worst cases, a worker or bystander can die. In severe catastrophic cases, such as traumatic brain injury, the victim will suffer for the rest of his or her life and may need permanent care. Injuries can also include burns, orthopedic damage such as broken bones, spinal injuries, nerve damage, and lung disease.

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