Oklahoma Birth Injury Lawyers Protecting Newborns, Mothers, and Families

Providing strong advocacy when the delivery process goes tragically wrong

Pregnancy should be the sweetest of times for parents. All too often, though, the birth of a new child turns to sorrow. When doctors, nurses, and others fail to provide proper care in the delivery room, the recovery room, or the nursing room, health care providers should be held accountable. Birthing problems can cause Oklahoma residents to need long-term medical care. Some children suffer birth disorders that have a lifetime of consequences. Sometimes the mother dies.

The Oklahoma birth injury lawyers in the McAlester-based office of the Stipe Law Firm help families across the state get the help they need. When hospitals and their health providers are negligent, and their unprofessional care causes your baby, your spouse, or your loved one harm – we are here to help. The Stipe Law Firm has over 60 years of combined experienced representing families in birth injury cases. You can lean on us. Trust our lawyers to get justice for you during this overwhelming time.

Types of birth injury cases we handle

There are many kinds of injuries that can happen during the delivery of a child. Doctors should anticipate all the things that commonly go wrong so harm doesn’t happen to your child or the mother. Our lawyers hold everyone involved in the birthing process responsible, including the hospital itself. Some of the cases our Oklahoma birth injury attorneys handle include conditions like:

  • Cerebral palsy. This birth injury is a permanent, crippling condition that involves a disorder of the brain that affects the central nervous system. The disorder often occurs because of a lack of oxygen to the brain. It can also arise due to cardiac, respiratory, and digestive problems. Our Oklahoma birth injury lawyers are prepared to work to show that the doctors failed to take necessary precautionary steps to prevent your child from developing this lifelong condition.
  • Brachial plexus palsy. The brachial plexus is a fiber network that runs through the spine, neck, arms, and armpits. Improper pulling or forcing of the infant during a difficult labor is a common cause of this disabling condition. Some types of brachial plexus injuries include Erb’s palsy, shoulder dystocia, and Klumpke’s palsy. The complications from this disorder can include full or partial paralysis, a claw-like hand appearance, decreased hand grip, and a limp arm. Our Oklahoma birth injury lawyers work with doctors to analyze why this condition occurred and what treatment options are available.
  • Erb’s palsy. Erb’s palsy is one type of brachial plexus palsy that usually occurs during a difficult birth. It is often due to shoulder dystocia and usually causes nerve damage to the shoulder and upper arm. It can also affect the wrist, hand, and fingers and is often preventable. Our Oklahoma birth injury lawyers work to hold doctors and others responsible when their malpractice fails to prevent this condition.
  • Oxygen deficiency. A lack of oxygen to the brain can cause a host of medical problems. The longer the loss of oxygen, the more severe the injuries usually are. Oxygen loss can cause cerebral palsy, brain damage, and other problems. Oxygen loss during delivery can happen for many reasons, which our experienced Oklahoma birth injury lawyers review with clients who meet with us.

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At Stipe Law, we understand how painful it is when the delivery of your newborn goes wrong. Many of our lawyers are parents too. We advise families to see us as soon as possible because time is crucial in showing that the delivery team committed wrong and in getting your child the help he or she needs. Your child’s future is our top concern. Our Oklahoma birth injury attorneys are ready to get you through this tragic time and get you the justice and compensation your child deserves. Learn how we can help you by calling 918-558-2255, or by filling out our contact form, to schedule a free consultation with an experienced birth injury lawyer in our McAlester office today. Our attorneys help clients in Southeast Oklahoma and throughout the state.