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Trusted lawyers offer tips for what to do after a motor vehicle collision

In the immediate aftermath of a traumatic car accident, victims are often too overcome by emotions and panic to think and act effectively. To ease the emotional burden immediately following a car accident, Oklahoma residents are advised to take a few precautionary steps. Once a car accident has occurred, contacting an experienced McAlester car accident attorney is a crucial step towards securing the compensation you deserve. The attorneys at the Stipe Law Firm are here to help guide you through every step of the process.

What to do after a car accident

Unfortunately, car accidents are nearly inevitable. At some point in your driving life, odds are you will be involved in a collision with another vehicle. The more prepared you are ahead of time, the more ready you will be to act when the time comes. The trusted auto accident attorneys at Stipe Law Firm offer residents tips on what to do to prepare for a car accident and what to do in the immediate aftermath of an accident.

  • Get to safety. Your safety is your primary concern in the immediate aftermath of a collision. Get your family and your vehicle to safety. If this means pushing your car to the side of the road, do so carefully and watch for oncoming traffic. Use flares to warn drivers of your location.
  • Exchange information. You and the other driver involved in the collision should exchange the following information: name, address, phone numbers, insurance company and policy number, license plate number, driver license numbers, and the name of the owner of each vehicle.
  • Document the collision. Document all pertinent information. Note the state of each vehicle and all passengers. Photograph the accident and each of the vehicles. Get the contact information for all parties involved in the collision.
  • File an accident report. If no injuries are present, law enforcement is not required to be called to the scene. An official accident report should still be filed. These forms can be found at your local police station, and an experienced car accident attorney can help with the filing of these reports.
  • Seek medical attention. Even if you do not believe you are injured, seek medical attention. Many injuries are not immediately visible and can only be diagnosed by a doctor. Be sure to save all hospital bills and discharge papers.
  • Know your insurance. Review your policy before an accident to be clear on what is covered and what is not.
  • Contact an Oklahoma car accident lawyer. Contact an experienced car accident attorney to litigate on your behalf.

We recommend that you carry an emergency kit in your car as well. These kits should include a cell phone, pen and paper, a camera to photograph the accident and the scene, a car with any allergies or medications of all passengers listed, a flashlight, emergency flares, and a first aid kit.

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