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Trusted Oklahoma Car Accident Attorneys Help You Understand Insurance Companies

What to expect from your insurance company

You pay your car insurance premium once a month. Yet, most Oklahoma residents only consider their insurance companies once they have found themselves involved in a motor vehicle accident and in need of compensation. The experienced Oklahoma car accident attorneys at Stipe Law Firm urge residents to educate themselves before they are involved in a car accident.

Oklahoma car accident attorneys explain what McAlester residents need to know about their insurance company

The experienced Oklahoma car accident lawyers at Stipe Law Firm recommend that you consider the following information about insurance companies before starting your car ignition today:

  • Your car insurance company is not always on your side. Too many residents assume that their insurance company is automatically on their side and looking out for their wellbeing. Despite the premiums you pay as a motor vehicle driver, car insurance companies are still acting on their own behalf and are constantly working to limit the amount they are required to pay in a settlement.
  • Do not make assumptions about your coverage. Based on the premiums policyholders pay, many are under the erroneous impression that they are offered significantly more coverage than they will actually receive. Be sure to review your car insurance company’s policies before you find yourself in a car accident. This will help tremendously once you find yourself the victim of a collision.
  • Do not let insurance companies determine your worth. Insurance companies are businesses. They are looking out for their bottom line and are likely to lowball policy owners when deciding upon compensation. Only an experienced car insurance attorney can give you an unbiased estimate of how much your case is worth. Knowing this, Oklahoma car accident lawyers urge residents to never settle with an insurance company before speaking with an experienced attorney.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of what to consider when dealing with insurance companies. An experienced Oklahoma car accident lawyer can advise you on additional matters to consider while acting as an unbiased advocate for you and your family.

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