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Protecting vulnerable bicyclists on Oklahoma roadways

Bicyclists are in constant danger when sharing the road with cars and trucks. The negligence of one individual may set off a chain of events that can prove deadly for those cycling on or near the roadway. At Stipe Law Firm, our experienced Oklahoma bike accident lawyers help injured cyclists recover much-needed compensation from careless drivers after a serious crash. Our goal is to help minimize the hardship on you and your family, while working diligently to secure full and fair compensation on your behalf.

Bike accident scenarios

Most riders diligently abide by roadway regulations. Yet, the openness of a bicycle puts the operator at an increased risk of injury when navigating streets beside cars and trucks. Traumatic brain injuries and broken bones are among the many injuries that are common for bicycle accident victims. An experienced Oklahoma bicycle accident lawyer can help you file a claim for damages.

Some of the most common bicycle accident scenarios include:

  • Vehicles pulling out in front of bicyclists from parking lots or cross streets
  • Vehicles following too closely behind cyclists, instead of affording them adequate space
  • Individuals opening their car doors into the path of an approaching cyclist
  • Drivers failing to yield to a cyclist when the cyclist has the right of way
  • Drivers running a stop light or stop sign
  • Vehicles driving the wrong way down a one-way street
  • Drivers operating a vehicle while intoxicated

In the state of Oklahoma, injured bicyclists can file a claim against the automobile insurance company of the at-fault driver. If successful, an award may cover all of the costs associated with your injury.

What to do after a bicycle collision

If you are a bicyclist victim in a vehicle crash, call 911 and seek medical attention immediately following the accident. If your injuries allow, obtain information about your accident by getting the driver’s insurance information and request contact numbers from any eyewitnesses. If possible, take pictures of the scene on your cell phone or have another person take photographs. It is okay to speak with law enforcement generally, but do not admit any guilt or fault for the accident.

Once you have sought medical treatment, contact an experienced Oklahoma bike accident attorney to learn how to pursue damages for your injuries. Make sure to keep records of all your medical treatment, including follow-up care, surgeries, and diagnoses.  Hard evidence helps prove that you suffered damages as a result of the driver’s negligence.

Oklahoma attorneys help injured cyclists seek the compensation they deserve

At the Stipe Law Firm, we are concerned about the wellbeing of our clients. To reserve a no-obligation consultation with an experienced Oklahoma bike accident lawyer, please call 918-558-2255 or fill out our contact form. From our McAlester office, we represent clients throughout Southeastern Oklahoma and beyond.