Under Oklahoma workers compensation law, you are required to file a claim within 30 days of an injury or when you first became aware that your illness was caused by working conditions. The paperwork you are required to submit to the Oklahoma Worker’s Compensation Court is called the Employee’s First Notice of Accidental Injury and Claim for Compensation. If you do not submit this form within 30 days of your accident or illness, it may be very difficult to recover benefits later. Your employer may also file this form for you.

The forms you have to complete can be lengthy and confusing, and if not completed properly, your claim for workers compensation benefits may be initially denied. Obtaining medical records about your injury can also be a time-consuming process. When you work with an Oklahoma worker’s compensation attorney at Stipe, Harper, Laizure, Uselton, Belote, Maxcey & Thetford, you can avoid making these costly errors. Our lawyers work with you to obtain medical reports and gather all information that is required for the legal paperwork.

In addition to paperwork assistance, an Oklahoma workers compensation attorney will see to it that you are treated fairly and that your rights as an injured employee are protected. If you are unhappy with the medical treatment you are receiving from the doctor approved by your employer, your attorney sees to it that you visit a doctor of your choosing and those medical records further your claim. He or she is responsible for handling all communication with your employer and its insurance company on your behalf.

If you need to appeal a denial of your claim or don’t feel the amount you have been offered is fair, your workers comp lawyer aggressively pursues your rights. Without an attorney, you are often at the mercy of a workers compensation system that looks to protect its own interests.