womanWhy the SSA May Have Denied Your Social Security Disability Claim

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While you may be eligible for Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits under the law, the SSA (Social Security Administration) denies up to 70 percent of all claims. If this happens to you, it’s important that you consult with a skilled McAlester Social Security lawyer at Stipe Law Firm in order to maximize all of your legal options. We have the experience you need to successfully resolve your appeal for Social Security benefits.

Reasons for SSD and SSI denials

There are a number of reasons for claim denials, ranging from income limitations and disability-related problems to drug and alcohol issues or previous convictions. The following are some of the more common reasons for a claim denial:

  • Income. This is a typical reason for a denial, as non-blind individuals who make more than $1,000 a month make too much to be considered disabled for SSD. For SSI, this income limit is higher, at about $1,433 per month.
  • Length of disability. One of the requirements of the SSA is that your disability must last at least one year or result in death, with the exception of applicants who are blind.
  • Issues with location. If the Disability Determination Service (DDS) is unable to communicate with you on a regular basis, then your claim may be denied. This if often an issue for people who are moving during the application process.
  • Drug or alcohol addictions. In most cases, the SSA denies claims that are related to a person’s dependence on drugs or alcohol as the reason for his or her disability.
  • Criminal record. If you have been convicted of certain crimes or your injury resulting in disability occurred during the act of committing a felony, then your application may be denied by the SSA.

There are many exceptions to these rules, so if you have questions about your eligibility, speak with one of our McAlester Social Security lawyers at Stipe Law Firm. We focus on these issues as one of our main areas of practice, and you can also learn more by visiting our Social Security overview page.

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