Skilled Oklahoma Lawyers Help Victims of Oil Field Injuries

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At Stipe Law Firm, we understand the fast-paced nature of the oil and gas industry and have great admiration for anyone who works in it. However, we also know that the industry brings a significant amount of inherent dangers. Oil field accidents occur all too often, and our legal team advocates for your rights when an accident involves you or a loved one.

The dangers of a job on the oil field

Oil field jobs are dangerous by nature. Extracting oil is a difficult process and requires potentially dangerous machinery. Oil field workers are quite often required to toil for long hours without sufficient rest, are forced to take risks for the sake of being seen as a “team player,” or may even work beside others who take shortcuts or work under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Safety standards fall by the wayside with these types of co-workers, and the job can become even more hazardous.

As an oil field worker, you could be exposed to such potential dangers as:

  • Fires or explosions
  • Falls from heights
  • Collapsed rigs
  • Truck accidents
  • Defective machinery
  • Exposure to toxic fumes

Our lawyers at Stipe Law Firm want to protect your future when an oil field accident affects your family.  Learn more about our services by visiting our personal injury overview page.

Our personal injury lawyers keep you financially stable

Our Oklahoma injury attorneys have experience in handling oil field injury cases. We investigate your case, determine the liable party and pursue financial compensation on your behalf in the forms of:

  • Medical coverage. You should not be held responsible for paying your own bills after having an accident that you were not liable for.
  • Loss of wages/earning capacity. Our attorneys get you the compensation you need to make up for the earnings loss while you recover.
  • Extra damages. We seek other ways to compensate you for such issues as pain and suffering, disability, loss of consortium, rehabilitation and more.

As a hard-working oil field employee, you deserve to have equally hard-working lawyers on your side. We’re here to protect your rights when accidents occur, as personal injury is one of our primary areas of practice.

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