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Dog Bites

Reliable McAlester Personal Injury Lawyers are Your Resource for Dog Bite Cases

Our Tulsa dog bite attorneys focus on dog bite injuries

Dog bites are becoming more common throughout the country, with almost five million victims every year. This means that one in 50 people suffer a dog bite yearly, and many require medical attention. The lawyers at Stipe, Harper, Laizure, Uselton, Belote, Maxcey & Thetford ensure that you have the proper coverage if you or a family member becomes a victim.

What happens when a dog bites me or a loved one?

While people of all ages and genders are susceptible to dog bites, most dog bite victims who receive medical attention are children. Therefore, it is important that you understand the severity of the potential consequences that dog bites can have. In many cases, the attack is the first-known dangerous behavior of the animal, but it’s always important to know whether the animal was a pet or a stray.

You likely need to speak to the owner of the animal (if applicable) regarding insurance information, but do not discuss money, possible settlement, responsibility or any other legal issues, or allow yourself to be photographed or tape recorded. Most importantly, your first priority should be to receive medical attention, as the following complications are common in dog bite cases:

  • Disfigurement
  • Illness
  • Physical and emotional scarring
  • Loss of mobility

The attorneys at Stipe, Harper, Laizure, Uselton, Belote, Maxcey & Thetford are well versed in dog bite cases and can help you through the legal process involved in receiving compensation for any injuries.

Oklahoma City personal injury lawyers who hold dog owners accountable

Dog attack victims in the United States are forced to suffer more than $1 billion in losses every year, and dog bite insurance claims make up 15 percent of liability claims paid under homeowners’ insurance policies. Our Oklahoma City personal injury lawyers work to ensure that you don’t also become a financial victim. You deserve the proper compensation for your injury for issues like medical costs, pain and suffering, loss of wages and more.

Because it is one of our many areas of practice, we can assist you with your dog bite-related personal injury case. To learn more about our injury services, visit our personal injury overview page.

Call our Tulsa personal injury lawyers when you or a loved one suffers from a dog bite

Dog bites need to be taken seriously. What happened to you could happen to others, and the only way to prevent future accidents is to hold the dog owner accountable. We can help. Contact Stipe, Harper, Laizure, Uselton, Belote, Maxcey & Thetford today through our online form to schedule your free initial consultation. You pay no attorney’s fees unless we recover for you.