Friendly Oklahoma Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers Protecting the Edlerly

When you place your loved one in the care of others at a nursing home, you expect that person to be safe and secure. But when you suspect physical, mental or financial abuse, you need to take action. Federal and state laws prohibit these behaviors and dictate processes for reporting and investigating abuse.

The nursing home attorneys at Stipe Law Firm are committed to assisting families when elderly loved ones may be victims of abuse or neglect. We conduct a thorough investigation of the nursing home and staff to uncover the facts in the case. We understand what’s at stake, and do all we can to give you peace of mind and provide for your loved one’s safety.

At Stipe Harper, we work diligently to guard against nursing home abuse and neglect. Creating and maintaining safe environments in Oklahoma is a mission for us and the guiding principle of our areas of practice.

Nursing home abuse

Nursing home abuse is shocking and shameful behavior. The abuse can be physical, emotional or financial, but it is often unreported due to fear of retaliation or social isolation. Our lawyers are committed to putting a stop to these sickening acts.

Nursing home neglect

Nursing home neglect often gets overlooked, simply because there aren’t enough people paying attention. However, neglect frequently results in a decline in health and the eventual death of the victim. Our nursing home lawyers fight back on behalf of the victims of this terrible act.

Filing a nursing home abuse complaint

If you suspect your loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse, there is a detailed process for filing an official complaint. Our skilled attorneys can help you properly file your claim and get your loved one out of harm’s way. Our team helps you get through this process and put a stop to the abuse.

Delivering on our commitment to stopping nursing home neglect

We take nursing home neglect and abuse seriously. While each case is different, we have been able to settle home care and nursing home neglect cases for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Learn more about our results>>>

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