Dedicated Oklahoma Attorneys Defend You After Your Train Accident

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Accidents involving trains are especially dangerous, and depending on the situation, there could be a single death or a huge accident featuring multiple injuries and deaths. If you or a loved one has been involved in a train accident, you need a dedicated Oklahoma train accident lawyer at your side. The team at Stipe Law Firm is here to help you through this difficult time in your life.

Causes and consequences of train accidents

There are several types of train accidents, including crossing accidents, train and car collisions, train and train collisions, derailments and other railroad accidents. The legal proceedings are also complex because there may be multiple victims and multiple defendants. The defendants depend on the cause of the accident, and may include train conductors, mass transit systems, government agencies, railroad engineers or others.

There is a wide variety of potential causes for train accidents, which may result in chemical spills, catastrophic injury or death. Some of these causes include:

  • Defective signals
  • Defective trains
  • Poorly marked crossings
  • Poorly maintained tracks

Our attorneys can help you determine the cause and the responsible party in your case and make sure that they are held liable.

Our train accident attorneys fight for your compensation

We care about the victims of tragic train and motor vehicle accidents, and work with care and patience to guide you through the legal process. Our lawyers investigate your case and pursue compensation for:

  • Medical coverage. You should not be responsible for paying your significant medical costs. We help you receive compensation to cover your medical bills and rehabilitation.
  • Loss of wages/earning capacity. You may have to miss some work time as a result of your accident, so we ensure that you are fully compensated for this inconvenience.
  • Pain and suffering damages. Train injuries can be quite traumatic, both physically and emotionally. We seek damages to compensate for your suffering.

The experienced lawyers at Stipe Law Firm help you get the result you need after your train accident. That’s because this is one of our main areas of practice.

If you have had an accident, contact a train accident attorney

The hard-working and compassionate attorneys of Stipe Law Firm are here to assist you through all of your legal proceedings when dealing with a train accident. Contact us today by calling us today or contacting us online, and you’ll get a free consultation.