car-accident2Diligent Auto Accident Lawyers in OK Help You Understand Your Insurance Company

Our legal team wants you to be aware of what insurance gives you

While car accidents happen every day all over the country, most people do not think much about their insurance companies until after they’ve had an accident. At Stipe Law Firm, we want you to be well informed about what happens with your insurance after you have been in an accident.

What accident victims need to know about insurance companies

Our experienced McAlester auto accident attorneys suggest that you take into account the following information about insurance companies should you ever have an accident:

  • You cannot assume that your insurance company is on your side. While you pay your premiums for a reason, many insurance companies do not act in the best interests of their policyholders. They don’t want to have to cover your bills, and will do what they can to limit your claim after an accident.
  • Make no assumptions about your coverage. You might think that you have better insurance coverage than you actually do. Be sure that you are familiar with what your insurance company does and does not do before you get in an accident. This will help you tremendously should you ever find yourself in an accident.
  • Do not let them tell you how much your case is worth. Insurance companies are likely to lowball you when it comes to a case estimate. Only an experienced car accidents lawyer can give you an unbiased estimate for how much your case is actually worth. With that in mind, never settle with an insurance company until after you’ve spoken with an attorney about your situation.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when dealing with insurance companies after motor vehicle accidents. This is one of our primary areas of practice at Stipe Law Firm, and we are here to serve you with all of your legal concerns.

Contact an Oklahoma auto accident attorney for more information

If you are looking for more practical information about insurance companies, we would be pleased to help you. The lawyers at Stipe Law Firm will help keep you informed, so call us today or contact us online. We offer free consultations when you visit our offices.