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Tag Archives: workplace injuries

What Potential Hazards Do Hydraulic Fracturing Workers Face?

Natural gas is a focus of our nation’s push for energy independence, and we have a lot of it. That’s particularly true in Oklahoma, according to an Economic Research & Policy Institute report. For workers, the boom in hydraulic fracturing — “fracking” — brings jobs, but at what price? Fracking is a dangerous job.  In… Read More »

What Is a Third-Party Claim … and How Can It Benefit You?

Under Oklahoma law, if you are injured on the job, you can file for workers compensation benefits. The workers comp law allows employees to collect benefits relatively quickly without having to sue their employer. But the downside of the law from the worker’s perspective is that it bars most lawsuits against employers for on-the-job injuries…. Read More »

Avoiding Workplace Injuries and Protecting Your Rights as an Employee

An injury at work can be devastating for you and your family. Despite major strides reducing workplace injuries and deaths in the past four decades, more than 4,500 workers still die each year. Another 4.1 million are seriously injured at work. Thousands more suffer from debilitating illnesses due to exposure to workplace conditions. For this… Read More »

Workers Comp Covers Work Injuries Off-Premises

What if you are injured doing something work-related but not on your employer’s premises? Many jobs require an employee to leave the premises for work-related tasks from time to time, whether it is to meet a client, make a deposit at the bank, or pick up supplies. If you are injured while performing a task… Read More »

Injured on the Job? Here’s What to Do

Individuals who have sustained debilitating workplace injuries often feel helpless and are confused by the bureaucratic process of still getting paid while recovering. Fortunately, Oklahoma injury lawyers are here to help anyone who is ready to file a workers compensation claim. Get started ASAP The process for filing a claim and securing lost wages begins… Read More »

Common Workplace Ailments in the Office

When many people think of workplace injuries, their thoughts turn to manufacturing accidents. However, a worker in an office environment is just as likely to sustain a serious injury or develop an illness due to unsafe working conditions as someone who performs manual labor. Some of the most common ways that people injure themselves working… Read More »