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Tag Archives: workers compensation law

New Workers Comp Law Under Fire

One of the goals of the new workers compensation law passed by Oklahoma lawmakers earlier this year was to pull the workers comp process out of the courts and into the administrative arena. So it is ironic that the law itself is now on its way to court. A pair of legislators from both the… Read More »

Types of Construction Accidents

Hard hats are worn on construction sites for a reason. However, just because building sites are dangerous doesn’t mean that accidents are bound to happen. If you are a construction worker and you suffer injury on the job, you may be able to receive workers’ compensation. However, you may also be able to file a… Read More »

How Do I File a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Oklahoma?

The first step to filing a workers’ comp claim is to report your job-related injury to your supervisor at work. In the case of a single event that precipitates an injury — like a fall at a construction site, or a shelving collapse at a warehouse — you have 30 days to report the injury… Read More »

What if Workers’ Compensation Is Not Enough?

Oklahoma workers’ compensation is designed to help workers get back to work quickly after on-the-job injuries and prevent them from going without income while they cannot work. It also helps protect employers from expensive and time-consuming lawsuits by employees — particularly important in the more dangerous professions, like construction work. With few exceptions, employers must… Read More »

Oklahoma’s New Workers’ Compensation Law

Up until now the idea behind workers’ compensation insurance has been that employees injured on the job can expect medical treatment and wage replacement regardless of who is to blame. It’s a no-fault system that provides assistance to workers even if they were responsible for their own injuries and statutory protection to the employer from… Read More »

Legislators Propose Workers Comp Changes in Oklahoma

During this session, the Oklahoma Legislature has been flooded with more than 30 proposed workers’ compensation bills, many aimed at reducing employers’ obligations under the workers’ compensation statute. The overarching intent of the laws from the start has been to compensate workers for work-related injuries without focusing on who was at fault. Many of these… Read More »

Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Oklahoma Workers Comp Case

Under Oklahoma workers compensation law, you are required to file a claim within 30 days of an injury or when you first became aware that your illness was caused by working conditions. The paperwork you are required to submit to the Oklahoma Worker’s Compensation Court is called the Employee’s First Notice of Accidental Injury and… Read More »