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Tag Archives: Social Security Disability

Preparing to File for SSD Benefits

Qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits is a ridiculously uphill battle. Two-thirds of the initial claims are denied. Despite of those gloomy statistics, the annual number of disability awards granted by the Social Security Administration has more than doubled since the 1970s. So rather than getting discouraged, commit to putting together the strongest claim you… Read More »

Top Reasons SSD Applications are Denied

If you recently suffered a disabling injury or illness, you may be depending on hoped-for benefits from Social Security. However, did you know that the majority of applicants are denied? If the Social Security Administration turns down your application, you may be able to appeal the SSA’s initial decision. Some of the reasons SSD applicants… Read More »

How Long Will it Take to Get Social Security Disability Benefits?

How long it takes depends on how quickly the state agency reviewing applications for the Social Security Administration decides whether you qualify for benefits. In Oklahoma, this agency is the Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Disability Determination Division. According to the Social Security Administration, you should apply for disability as soon as you become disabled. You… Read More »

What is the Difference between SSI and SSD? What Do I Qualify For?

The primary difference between SSI, or supplemental security income, and SSD, or Social Security disability insurance, lies in whether you must have worked and paid Social Security taxes to qualify for benefits. According to the Social Security Administration, to qualify for SSI, you need no history of employment or paying Social Security taxes. You must:… Read More »

House Bill 1756 Champions High School Graduation for All Children

The Oklahoma legislature ended its session with a caring eye towards our students with profound disabilities who also have the capacity to earn a high school diploma. HB 1756 eases graduation requirements by creating an important exception to Achieving Classroom Excellence for profoundly disabled students. As a condition of graduation, Achieving Classroom Excellence legislation requires… Read More »

Social Security Administration: The Preliminary View from Here

The Social Security Administration (SSA) governs two important federal relief programs for disabled individuals: Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Recent testimony by the SSA before the Subcommittee on Social Security, Committee on Ways and Means, House of Representatives, discussed preliminary findings of a study looking into challenges faced by the SSA… Read More »

Qualifying Psychological Conditions for SSD

If you or a child in your custody suffers from a severe psychological condition, you may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits (SSD) from the federal government. Both adults and children are eligible to apply, but different factors are used to determine whether you qualify for payments. Qualifying conditions for children Children must have a… Read More »

What You Need to Show to Be Successful in SSD

To increase your odds of being approved for Social Security Disability benefits, you should make sure that you provide as much relevant information as possible. The more information you can give, the more likely you are to be approved in a timely manner. Many people’s claims are denied the first time. Don’t give up if… Read More »

Why You Need a Lawyer for Your SSD Case

Social Security Disability (SSD) is a government benefit program that may be available to American citizens who can no longer work due to permanent physical or emotional disability. At a minimum, you must meet the following three criteria to be eligible for payments: You are unable to perform the work duties that you did before… Read More »

Types of Injuries that Qualify You for SSD Benefits

When accidents cause injuries that leave you seriously disabled, you may be unable to return to your full-time job for an extended period of time, perhaps even for the rest of your life. Suddenly, the safe secure world you were living in has been turned upside down and you aren’t sure just how you are… Read More »