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Category Archives: Products Liability

Unsafe Products Are Safer for Sellers

The more dangerous a product is, the more difficult it is to successfully sue the manufacturer when the product injures you. Does that make sense to you? It does to some Oklahoma lawmakers. It’s the idea behind the doctrine of “inherently unsafe products,” which was recently embraced by the Oklahoma Legislature as part of its… Read More »

The Most Common Forms of Automotive Defects

Automotive defects can occur because of a design flaw or because of a mistake during the manufacturing process. However, regardless of when or how they occur, they are capable of causing serious injuries and death. Any time you suffer injury in an auto accident, you should visit a doctor. However, it is also important to… Read More »

New Legislation Introduced to Oversee Compounding Pharmacies

Last summer, patients who received steroid injections for back ailments began to experience meningitis and other complications in record numbers. Authorities scrambled to understand an infectious outbreak that has so far taken the lives of 53 people in more than 700 reported cases. The steroids injected into victims in this case were compounded at the… Read More »

Transvaginal Mesh Implant Lawsuit Yields $11.1 Million Settlement

According to the National Foundation for Continence, an estimated 3.3 million women suffer from some form of pelvic organ prolapse (POP). POP occurs when pelvic tissue and muscles lose strength and become unable to hold organs like the bladder, bowel and cervix in place. Symptoms of POP include stress incontinence, pain and bulging in the… Read More »

Dangerous Attraction: High Powered Magnets & Children

More than a decade ago, manufacturers began marketing a different kind of toy magnet. Unlike the ferrite magnets usually associated with toys for children, neodymium iron boron, or rare-earth magnets, became an executive curiosity for adults, and a dangerous attraction for children. With their small size and powerful cohesion, these small magnets marketed as BuckyBalls… Read More »

Update: Defective Hip Implant Cases

With age or a degenerative condition, many people suffer from hip pain. When less invasive treatment options fail, hip replacement or resurfacing may be suggested to alleviate pain and restore mobility. In the last decade, metal hip implants were marketed as superior to traditional metal and plastic implants, a claim that time and litigation has… Read More »

Stevens Johnson Syndrome and Medication for Children

When your child is sick and feverish, you may reach for one of the common fever-reducing drugs such as children’s aspirin or ibuprofen. Unfortunately, in some cases giving these and other drugs to a child may cause a serious and potentially fatal condition called Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) due to an allergic reaction. SJS affects… Read More »

Understanding Automotive Defects and Product Liability

When you use a product in the manner it was intended, you expect to do so without injury. This expectation applies to your car. Yet each day consumers are injured by defective automotive parts. Perhaps the most famous such case in recent times was the unintended acceleration of Toyota vehicles resulting in several serious crashes…. Read More »

Understanding FDA Procedures in a Pharmaceutical Recall

News reports are filled with frequent recalls of harmful and dangerous drugs. Many times, companies voluntarily issue a recall after receiving consumer complaints. However, in other situations the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) may be the one to issue a recall. The FDA follows a lengthy list of procedures when a recall is warranted. If a… Read More »

The Informed Consumer: Harmful Product Recalls

Product liability lawsuits occur when consumers bring home a defective product that does not function as intended or does not live up to its written or implied warranty. Many people don’t know that they own a recalled product until it’s too late. Oklahoma injury attorneys work hard to pursue product liability cases that cause injuries,… Read More »