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Category Archives: Personal Injury

The Leading Causes of Head and Brain Injuries May Surprise You

The leading cause of death of Americans ages one to 44 is unintentional injury, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). And among those fatalities, a trauma to the head or brain was a major factor. In spite of greater emphasis on safety in the last several decades — including the increased… Read More »

What to Do if You Have Been Injured by a Government Employee

If you are hit by a careless driver or if you slip and fall on a wet floor in a grocery store, you know that you can file a claim against the negligent driver or property owner. But what happens if you were hit by an emergency vehicle, or the building in which you fell… Read More »

What Is a Third-Party Claim … and How Can It Benefit You?

Under Oklahoma law, if you are injured on the job, you can file for workers compensation benefits. The workers comp law allows employees to collect benefits relatively quickly without having to sue their employer. But the downside of the law from the worker’s perspective is that it bars most lawsuits against employers for on-the-job injuries…. Read More »

Protecting Your Family Against Burns This Holiday Season

The holiday season is filled with family, fun, magic … and, all too often, accidents. Among the most common, painful and dangerous injuries that occur during the holidays are burns.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more burn injuries occur during this time of year than in any other season —… Read More »

Types of Construction Accidents

Hard hats are worn on construction sites for a reason. However, just because building sites are dangerous doesn’t mean that accidents are bound to happen. If you are a construction worker and you suffer injury on the job, you may be able to receive workers’ compensation. However, you may also be able to file a… Read More »

Top Three Reasons to Hire an Injury Attorney

If you suffer injury in an auto accident, slip and fall or other type of accident, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Even if your injuries appear to be minor, you should still go to the hospital. However, do you really need an injury attorney to help you with your claim? By… Read More »

Top Safety Tips for Oklahoma Bicyclists

Whether you are new to cyclist or a seasoned rider, you deserve to feel safe on the many roads and trails in Oklahoma. While cycling has received much praise for its health benefits and zero carbon emissions, this green form of travel is not without its dangers. The first thing you need to know before… Read More »

What Are the Most Dangerous Dog Breeds?

All dogs have the potential be dangerous. Even smaller breeds can pose a threat to young children. Further, any kind of dog attack can be terrifying for victims and witnesses alike. In addition to serious physical injuries, dog bites can cause deep psychological and emotional trauma. Is there a way to prevent a dog attack… Read More »

How Do I Recognize Signs of Nursing Home Financial Abuse?

Few responsibilities are more important than providing your elderly loved ones with the same care and attention they gave to you. When they need 24-hour care, your only option may be to find a long-term residential facility that can fully meet their medical needs. However, you need to keep a close eye on the physical,… Read More »

Whiplash Injuries From Car Accidents Often Arouse Unfair Suspicions in Personal Injury Claims

Every year about 120,000 people in the U.S. sustain whiplash injuries, typically from car accidents. In spite of severe pain that can last for months or even years, these injury victims often face suspicion from insurance companies and even from friends and family. These very real, potentially debilitating injuries deserve the same types of compensation… Read More »